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My Mental Health Story (Jade)

Seeing as its world mental health day I thought I would share my experience and struggles with my mental health.

I have depression, and GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). Living life day go day is rough. The simplest of tasks take a lot of effort. Making food for instance. Everyone needs food to survive. However, if I lived alone I would probably go several days with out even a crumb passing my lips.

My anxiety is the worst. generalized anxiety disorder means that I worry about EVERYTHING. I know people say this all the time but usually thats usually figuratively. Mine is literally and it doesnt always make sense. I worry about going to sleep and not waking up but equally, I worry about waking up and to what sweet hell the day will bring. I worry about getting hurt if I leave the house but, also worry about the house burning down and being trapped. And don’t even get me started if someone’s even a minute late. My lovely brain of mine will go through every single possible scenario. Have they been in a crash? Pulled over by the police? Rolled the car? Etc

Battling through this 24 hours 7 days a week a long with my other medical conditions means I can’t work. I would love nothing more than to be able to work a simple 9-5 minimum wage but unfortunately, its not possible.

I have been called “lazy” more than i care to mention. This is the most irritating, hurtful thing people bsay to me. I am not lazy! My job is to survive each day fighting with my own mind and unless youve been through it you’ll never understand just how exhausting it is.

Oh hey there, I see you admiring my totally awesome talent. I’m an Aspiring photographer, Bookworm, Animal Keeper, Alice in Wonderland obsessed! Pasta consumer and just damn right amazing. Oh, and I have a pretty badass fiance!

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